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Throughout my life I have strongly believed and followed that there is no limit to achievement through hard work and the right decision taken at the appropriate time. I have always followed what my head has told me first and then followed my instinct.

“I have always had a dream, a burning desire to create. I am of the firm belief that there is no key to success. The only way to succeed is through hard and smart work and perseverance. And even after perseverance you may fail, but that does not mean you should give up and stop dreaming. Only those who have failed greatly can succeed greatly”. Read more..

A zest for success and a clear cut vision drove Asgar Patel to transform Patel Roadways into one of the largest logistics companies in Asia with 1000 delivery outlets and complimented by a workforce of over 7,500 people. Even during the uphill task of accomplishing this feat, Asgar still found time to complete his studies and go back to college where he graduated in law in his mid 40s.

Asgar S. Patel

Asgar Patel thrice Golf ball in one Champion
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